Benefits of SyberWorks

SyberWorks Training Center helps you manage, measure, and improve all your training activities more efficiently and effectively than ever before. With this system, you can increase training ROI while decreasing time spent on administrative tasks.

Why Choose The SyberWorks Online Training Solution?

The SyberWorks Learning Management System helps your business train employees and develop talent using a scalable, web-based application suite. This learning management system makes it easy to create, track and distribute training courses that bring employees up to speed on job roles, safety requirements, and more.

The SyberWorks Learning Management System features customizable courses for in-person instruction, self-paced assessment or distance learning. You can even keep track of training documents, including standard operating procedures and learning matrices, to ensure consistency throughout the company. This all helps your business save time and money while improving job performance, employee satisfaction, and safety outcomes.


  • Just-in-Time Training: Deliver knowledge on-demand with up-to-the-minute information that updates automatically.
  • Cost-effective: Without travel time or expenses, your company can save as much as 50 percent of its typical training costs.
  • Flexibility: Students can register for instructor-led courses or self-paced online courses. Course types also include read-and-sign courses created automatically from policies and procedures.
  • Tailored Configuration: We set up the system to fit your specific situation and load your data so you have a turnkey solution you can use from day one.
  • Customization: SyberWorks can add new functionality to the system based on your organization’s unique needs.
  • Assessment: It’s easy to set up new users, monitor their progress, and produce detailed usage reports. With the ability to create assessments, you’ll know what employees have learned, when they’ve completed courses, how they performed, and their levels of improvement.
  • Interaction with Peers: Participate in discussion groups and chat sessions to trade ideas and learn from others.
  • Distance Learning: You can deliver and manage training on-demand with up-to-the-minute information. Students can access training instantly—anytime and anyplace.
  • Interaction with Experts: Help desk answers questions for situations not covered by standard training and assists users when they find a particular topic or concept difficult to understand.
  • Learning Management: You can easily access reports that show who has been taking which courses and how effective the learning has been.
  • Job Skill Management: Skill development becomes an employee/employer managed process, and users are motivated by seeing how specific learning events advance their career development.
  • Document Management: For many organizations, particularly those in regulated industries, the development, distribution, and training on standard operating procedures is a critical success factor.  We manage the approval process for those documents, the review cycle, and the assignment of read-and-sign courses automatically created from those documents.
  • Automated Notifications: The system has 16 different types of automated messages. They include reminders for classroom training, reminders for course due dates, summary past due messages, and reports emailed to managers.


Learners: SyberWorks delivers personalized online learning content based on the student’s real-time interaction with the content. This ensures that the learning experience focuses on the student’s needs. As a result, knowledge retention is greatly enhanced and the student is compelled to come back for more. Learners can also see how specific learning events lead directly to skills that advance their careers.

Content Developers: SyberWorks Training Center delivers and manages any online training published to a SCORM or AICC standard. We offer an easy-to-use desktop authoring tool called iSpring Suite, but if you are already using another authoring tool, then there is no need to change.

Managers: SyberWorks Training Center stores detailed data associated with a specific learner’s interaction with that content, including responses to individual assessment questions, number of attempts for each assessment question, detailed survey responses, detailed transcript reports, and many other pieces of data that are summarized for organizational decision making and the management of the organization’s human capital and skill sets.

Learn more about our suite of solutions

Learn more about our suite of solutions