Tailored to Fit

We realize that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our LMS is highly configurable. We use a consultative approach to fully understand your learning requirements and objectives and then tailor the LMS to fit you so you have a solution that exceeds your expectations.

On our first demonstration of the system, we spend time understanding what you want to accomplish so we can show you the key parts of the system that address those needs. Maybe you have a raft of SOPs that need to be presented to users as read-and-sign courses with electronic signatures. Maybe you would like to be able to add quizzes to those documents to ensure comprehension.

You want to assign requirements to users based on a job role training matrix. When versions of documents change, you want users to be automatically assigned the new version. When the user assumes a new job role, you want their training requirements to be adjusted automatically.

Of course you want a labor-saving reminder system to let users know they have new requirements and approaching due dates. You would like to have a perpetual reminder of all past due courses that keeps being sent on a scheduled basis as long as users have assignments to complete.

The next step in the process after the demonstration is typically the configured evaluation. We obtain small subsets of data from you covering your organizational structure, users, documents, job roles, training matrix and training history and load this into a trial system that you can work with to make sure that your key use cases are handled to your satisfaction.

When you decide on your full implementation, there are no surprises. You know the system works for you. As part of the full implementation, we load all your data and complete the process with customized certificates, reminder emails and show just the options you want for end-users, managers, instructors, and campus administrators.

Our training and customer service are personalized to your own specific system implementation so you only spend time learning features that you will use right away.

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The bottom line:

  • reduced risk
  • reduced cost
  • speedier implementation
  • greater satisfaction

We love smiling customers!

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