To develop a strong team, business leaders must invest time and resources into building loyalty.

How to inspire employee loyalty

Have you ever heard the term "job-hopping?" It is a common practice for employees in the modern workplace. In fact, Forbes reported that millennial workers will have an average of 15-20 jobs in their lives. These individuals have determined that the best way to grow and succeed is to move around. However, as an employer, you want a workforce that is vetted and loyal. Training a new batch of hires every few years just isn't feasible. So, how do you encourage your employees to be loyal to your company?  

Lead by example 
If you show no loyalty or commitment to your organization, why should others? Employees – especially younger ones – will watch company leaders to learn workplace behaviors. If you show up late, bad mouth other workers, or engage in poor work habits, your employees might do the same. Instead, take pride in your work and encourage others to do the same. If you approach every task with the same gusto and care, your employees will learn from you.

Be genuine 
Few things inspire loyalty like honesty. If your employees can sense that you are genuine, they are more likely to commit themselves to your company. In addition to inquiring about your co-workers lives outside of work and sharing appropriate stories of your own, you can establish a rapport and build trust. Not only should you be honest in your interactions with your employees, you should also strive to be genuine in dealings with clients and customers. 

Increasing employee loyalty can create a stronger, more efficient workplace.Increasing employee loyalty can create a stronger, more efficient workplace.

Invest in employee growth 
One of the major reasons employees leave is because they believe they have outgrown their current role. If company leaders focus some resources on continual employee training and engagement, they may encourage these workers to stay with their current company longer. Training courses, career paths and professional development groups are all great ways to invent in employee growth. E-learning sessions can also make the training process even easier by saving time and money. 

Demonstrate a team-oriented attitude 
Without your team, your business probably doesn't run. It is important that you remember this and treat your co-workers with the respect they deserve. If there is a difficult project that needs done in a short amount of time, it can be a good idea to dig in with your employees to show you aren't afraid of hard work. If your workers see that you are willing to put in the time and effort to succeed, they will be more likely to follow suit. 

In the modern workplace, job hopping is all too common. Employers looking to increase their employee retention should turn their attention to building loyalty. By following the above suggestions and dedicating some of their businesses' resources to programs and training, business leaders may see an increase in employee loyalty. The end results could lead to a much happier and more effective work environment.