Manage healthcare training and certification in one centralized system

Few industries are changing as rapidly, and from as many angles, as U.S. healthcare. Doctors, nurses, administrators and healthcare organizations such as clinics and hospitals are under constant pressure to perform, not only to serve the needs of patients but to keep costs within reason. With a plethora of regulations being added into the mix and revised constantly, these factors all combine to make healthcare a difficult working environment.

The SyberWorks Healthcare Learning Management System makes key aspects of the job easier for everyone involved. By integrating all organizational medical training and certification under one web-based platform, SyberWorks empowers healthcare professionals and administrators with automation and flexibility in their most common tasks. With a feature-rich suite of training applications, the Healthcare Learning Management System puts your organization in position to achieve its mission day in and day out.

Healthcare courses for the modern practice

In any healthcare setting, there are more than just regulations and corporate mandates to keep tabs on. In fact, the entire field of medicine is constantly undergoing changes and revisions as new research expands our understanding of how our bodies function. Staying abreast of all these developments demands so much from our healthcare system, and organizations have a responsibility to their patients to meet the highest standards.

The SyberWorks Healthcare Learning Management System unloads the significant burden placed on healthcare administrators by streamlining and standardizing all forms of workplace training. Using the intuitive web-based system, training management professionals can perform many of their most time-consuming tasks more easily:

  • Create, upload and manage training courses for all roles within the organization.
  • Deliver and administer training sessions online and track employee progress.
  • Develop a training matrix to keep track of certification deadlines and advancement between job roles.
  • Update job role details and company policies quickly and efficiently in preparation for an audit or review.

Since it’s hosted completely online, the SyberWorks Healthcare Learning Management System is highly scalable and easily customized to fit your organization’s needs. Start with small, specific projects and build them out into training initiatives spanning multiple departments, all within one cohesive system.

Practical healthcare administration management

It’s no secret that any healthcare organization is closely monitored by a variety of agencies, public and private, to ensure standards for quality care and safety are being met at all times. The SyberWorks Healthcare Training Management System is fully compliant with standards for e-learning software products in general and healthcare administration services in particular.

The SyberWorks Healthcare Training Management System adheres to two common benchmarks for e-learning software and employee training:

  • SCORM: A widely recognized standard for online training courses to preserve compatibility between different e-learning software platforms.
  • AICC: Another standard for workplace training programs that codifies various technical and procedural requirements of high-quality learning management systems.

Implementing the various tools and functions within the SyberWorks Healthcare Training Management System also enables conformity to the many healthcare-specific regulatory mandates as they apply to patient protection, workplace safety and much more. Use the Healthcare Training Management System to assist with efforts including the following:

  • OSHA-mandated development and implementation of a workplace health and safety training program.
  • FDA requirements for hospitals, doctor’s offices and other healthcare facilities regarding best practices.
  • Federal, state and local mandates for health professional certification and continuing education.
  • Industry and trade group accreditation for particular services.

Top-tier design and security features

In addition of all these uses, security and design need are essential in the implementation of any learning management system.

SyberWorks allows healthcare organizations to purchase an onsite license or choose a hosted solution to gain access to the system. They can then set security preferences for user identification using SSL encryption, passwords, date range checks and many other authentication methods. All of this is contained within a user interface that’s practical and has the same look and feel as the rest of your internal software and systems.

The SyberWorks Healthcare Learning Management System brings healthcare organizations and their staffs up to speed with the training and knowledge required to serve the expanding needs of their patients. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a demonstration.