Manage healthcare training and certification in one centralized system

The SyberWorks Hospital Learning Management System© is a robust and flexible, SCORM/AICC-compliant, web-based technology that tracks and manages all aspects of a medical facility’s personnel training requirements, CEUs, CME’s, contact hours, and department mandatories required by federal, state, local agencies and organizations such as the Joint Commision on Accreditation of Hospital Organizations (JCAHO), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) , the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and others. The system allows your organization to track corporate and clinical mandatories that all or a subset of your employees must take and are required to pass. The SyberWorks Hospital Learning Management System also tracks and manages non-mandatory classes whether they are specific to location or to an area such as ambulatory, critical access hospital, disease-specific care, laboratory, nursing and other specialties.

The SyberWorks Hospital Learning Management System delivers invigorating and measurable e-Learning over the web or department Intranets, while also managing your organization’s course catalog, enrollments, certifications, and more. It also provides tactical seminar support by managing class supplies, hotel information, and the fulfillment of any materials needed in the system. The system is highly scalable and lets a hospital start with a small pilot project and then easily grow to a facility-wide system.

The SyberWorks Hospital Learning Management System is customized to the look and feel of your medical facility’s website or intranet. Its companion tool, the SyberWorks Web Author, allows administrators to create web-ready courses from doc files, add interactivity with sound and animation, and create tests. SyberWorks also provides your training organization with iSpring©, a tool that lets you convert PowerPoint© presentations into Flash© movies that can be quickly loaded into the SyberWorks Hospital Learning Management System. You can continue to use any AICC or SCORM compliant authoring tool you already have. There is no need to switch.

Medical organizations can purchase a site license or a hosted solution. Hosted solutions alleviate the demand for internal IT support because upgrades, support, and system maintenance are done by SyberWorks. Hosted on a secure server with secure socket layer (SSL) technology, the system itself is designed with six levels of user authority, ID’s, passwords, and date-range checks, to keep all information secure and out of the wrong hands.