Training management systems to improve productivity and profitability.

Manufacturers today must compete in a global market and overcome unique business obstacles. They must run lean, cost-effective operations to bring their products to market, while complying with both their own corporate standards and increasing government regulations.

So operating efficiency has become paramount to economic survival for many manufacturing organizations. The SyberWorks Manufacturing LMS/DMS Solution helps you efficiently train employees to manufacture, sell, and support your company’s products and services. SyberWorks’ discrete and intricate knowledge of the Manufacturing vertical allows your organization to configure and deploy an e-Learning program that is ideal for your needs.

SyberWorks Manufacturing LMS/DMS Industry Solutions help you:

  • Increase workforce productivity.
  • Reduce production errors and cost over-runs by increasing employees’ skill and proficiency.
  • Track, manage, and certify compliance with regulatory bodies, such as the FDA, OSHA, the EPA and others.
  • Generate and assess employee learning plans and performance.
  • Manage training information from one central location, with data seamlessly populating from one system to another.
  • Develop, deliver, and manage all types of training, including traditional classroom training, on-the-job training, self-paced e-Learning, online training, and more.