Training management systems to improve productivity and profitability.

Manufacturing training

Job training in any industry is crucial, whether it comes in classes before joining the workforce or from continuing education within an organization. But the manufacturing industry faces unique obstacles to employee training, including:


  • Managing a large workforce with complex certification and compliance needs.
  • Organizing records related to skills training and standard operating procedures.
  • Creating and overseeing the completion of required training courses.


To solve these problems and keep tabs on employee training at every step, businesses need a comprehensive and integrated learning management system (LMS)/document management system (DMS). From creating training documents to  encouraging and tracking course completion, the SyberWorks LMS/DMS helps fill each of these gaps.


The problem in advanced manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is struggling to hire qualified workers in the face of an overwhelming skills gap. But finding the right person for the job is only the first step – to succeed in the long run, manufacturers need to continue developing that talent, not to mention keeping up with specific industry regulations. Juggling these immediate needs with more strategic concerns is often beyond the scope of managers and executives.


For an idea of how job training correlates with business strategy, consider the requirements of ISO 9000, a general-purpose management standard used across many industries. Particularly in manufacturing, more companies are asking for ISO 9000 certification prior to signing purchase agreements with suppliers. But ISO standards are not a measure of product quality – they instead serve as an indication that a given organization has the right people using the right skills to complete the task at hand.


ISO 9000 is only a sample of the more specific regulations that manufacturers need to comply with by carrying out employee training and maintaining proof of certification. In manufacturing, these may include but are not limited to:


  • Regulations from federal agencies, such as the EPA, FDA and OSHA.
  • Accreditation with trade groups for specific skills.
  • Requirements for applicable trade and labor unions.
  • Management- and process-related certifications of operational excellence like ISO 9000, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and more.

The SyberWorks solution

Addressing the need for a variety of different skills in any one factory or plant, the SyberWorks LMS/DMS provides comprehensive manufacturing solutions. Adopting a scalable system to oversee training implementation offers several immediate benefits:


  • Creating and managing a complicated, interdependent skills matrix for an entire organization becomes easier.
  • Managing certification records and course documents becomes intuitive.
  • Higher productivity, operational success and team cohesion become a reality.


All of these benefits are within the reach of any business. Contact SyberWorks to learn how your manufacturing service can overcome these job training challenges.