Training & Consulting Industry

Generate additional revenue by selling your training and consulting services online.

SyberWorks Training/Consulting LMS/DMS Industry Solution

The SyberWorks Training/Consulting LMS/DMS Industry Solution gives training and consulting companies a way to run their entire operation through the centralized SyberWorks system. The SyberWorks LMS/DMS tracks and manages all types of training, from traditional classroom training to self-paced e-Learning, online training, and more.

The SyberWorks Class Logistics Module lets you track and manage the physical aspects of providing training, such as literature, hotel reservations, classroom supplies, and other logistical site needs. The SyberWorks Registration/e-Commerce Module helps to set up online registration and allows your customers to pay for their training online or by purchase order. The system can also track training costs that are allocated to groups or cost centers. The SyberWorks LMS/DMS is perfect for training and consulting companies because the system is scalable, so you can start with a small pilot project and as your business grows, you can pay as you go. You can also add system capabilities as they are needed.

The SyberWorks Training and Consulting LMS/DMS Industry Solution helps you:

  • Add revenue streams for your company, through selling your training and materials online.
  • Generate additional revenues, by offering consulting and tele-seminars through the SyberWorks Integrated Web Conferencing Module.
  • Save time and money, by managing your entire training business in one system.
  • Charge more for your classes, because you can reinforce the information your students learn in the classroom with online exhibits, exercises, and tests.
  • Design and develop enticing and empowering e-Learning from Word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, or any other types of sources you currently use.

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