Training & Consulting Industry

Generate additional revenue by selling your training and consulting services online.

SyberWorks Training/Consulting LMS/DMS Industry Solution

Training and consulting

Training employees to reach the high caliber required of them in today’s demanding job market is a more complex yet crucial task than ever. SyberWorks designs world-class learning management systems to meet the precise needs of professional training services and consulting firms.

The needs of the modern workforce are changing quickly, but a few rules are unchanged. Employee training can be accomplished more efficiently using online e-learning tools and self-paced courses, but the value of hands-on, in-person classroom instruction remains unsurpassed. The SyberWorks learning management system (LMS)document management system (DMS) allows training services firms to create and manage digital and traditional employee learning methods using the same unified system, making it easier to develop and maintain a training strategy for a variety of roles and industries.

  • Add features and modules as needed to keep costs low while increasing functionality instantly.
  • Create a learning matrix for a specific role or an entire organization, with the ability to make changes to documentation and track progress.
  • Keep clients coming back by more easily implementing a roster of effective training courses at highly competitive prices.

Opportunities for growth

Want to expand your service offerings into new industries or capabilities? With SyberWorks systems, it’s not a question of resources, finances or time. SyberWorks LMS/DMS users can always add new modules for specific functions exactly when they need them and without extra hassle. Examples of these modules include:


  • Class Logistics: Track and manage every aspect of facilitating a course, whether it’s ordering textbooks, booking travel or managing expenses, all in one system.
  • Registration/E-commerce: Allow clients to register for classes and pay invoices or purchase orders through a simple online portal.
  • Integrated Web Conferencing: Host seminars and conference calls remotely without sacrificing instructional ability.
  • Use modules in tandem to maintain a centralized system for scheduling, billing and client communication.


When training and consulting services are powered by the SyberWorks LMS/DMS, they can leverage these efficiencies to push their businesses to new heights:


  • Add new revenue streams through online sales of training and materials.
  • Diversify services offerings through digital and on-site channels.
  • Continue creating and editing training materials via Microsoft Office tools, PDFs and other standard formats, while sharing and collaborating online.
  • Save time and money across the board by streamlining processes and eliminating waste.


No matter your training and consulting needs, SyberWorks has you covered with an LMS/DMS that fits the bill. For more information about the SyberWorks Training and Consulting LMS/DMS Solution, or to schedule a demo, email us at or call 888-642-7078.