SyberWorks Products Suite

Supports courses from all commercial authoring tools and provides easy content loading and course installation. Many question types and over 70 standard reports with a tailored implementation process.

(STC) is a Web-based Learning Management System/Learning Content Management System that manages and tracks all aspects of your organization’s training programs. It delivers compelling and measurable e-Learning over the Internet and company Intranets, while also managing traditional classroom training and self-paced study. The SyberWorks Training Center LMS/DMS provides an easy-to-use and economical solution to companies who need to implement advanced administration, reporting, assessment, and collaborative communication capabilities. A highly scalable system, you can start with a small pilot project and easily upgrade to a load-balanced, enterprise-wide solution.

SyberWorks Training Center e-Learning Management System/DMS fully supports a blended learning experience, including both online and offline options such as e-Learning courses, self-study workbooks, classroom training, and so on. System security is ensured with six levels of user authority, IDs, passwords, and date range checks. You can create an unlimited number of customized private portals targeted to specific audiences. STC includes a testing and assessment feature with pre-tests, post-tests, and over a dozen in-lesson question types, and hundreds standard reports!

The SyberWorks Training Center Learning Content Management System functionality has easy-to-use content creation and authoring tools such as the SyberWorks Web Author. It offers a flexible course design and delivery, supports re-usable learning objects and content migration, assessment tools, manages enrollment and learner progress, enterprise security with developer access controls, communication and collaboration, and supports enterprise interface standards with an automated implementation processes.