SyberWorks Products Suite

Supports courses from all commercial authoring tools and provides easy content loading and course installation. Many question types and over 70 standard reports with a tailored implementation process.

The SyberWorks Training Center is a web-based Learning Management System/Document Management System (LMS/DMS) that tracks all aspects of your organization’s training programs, including standard operating procedures and policies. It helps you deliver compelling and measurable e-Learning over the internet or company intranet, while also enabling traditional classroom training or self-paced study for employees.

Robust and regular employee training is essential for the optimal functioning of every business today. With LMS solutions from SyberWorks, your company can finally optimize its training and e-learning capabilities in the most efficient way possible.

SyberWorks Training Center

The SyberWorks Training Center LMS/DMS provides an intuitive and economical solution to companies that need to implement advanced administration, reporting, assessment, and collaborative communication capabilities. A highly scalable system, the Training Center allows you to start with a small pilot project and upgrade easily to a load-balanced solution for your whole enterprise.

The SyberWorks Training Center LMS/DMS fully supports a blended learning experience, including both online and offline options, such as e-learning courses, self-study workbooks, classroom training, or any other appropriate class format.

System security is ensured with six levels of user authority authenticated by strong passwords and integrity checks. Users can create an unlimited number of customized private portals targeted to specific audiences as needed.

SyberWorks Training Center includes a testing and assessment feature with pre-tests, post-tests, and over a dozen in-lesson question types. Using results from these tests, managers can quickly export data into any one of hundreds of standard reports.

Integration with SyberWorks LMS

The SyberWorks Training Center Document Management System is fully integrated with the LMS. For many organizations, particularly those in regulated industries, the development, distribution, and training on standard operating procedures is critical to overall business success. SyberWorks can manage the approval process for those documents and administer a review cycle to make regular revisions as necessary. Assignment of read-and-sign courses can be automatically created from those documents.

Other fully integrated modules include:

Survey Creator: Includes standard surveys as well as Performance Observation Forms and 360 Evaluations. A feedback survey may be a required lesson in an online course or automatically emailed to classroom attendees. These online surveys make it easy to collect course feedback, track participation, and much more.

Class Logistics: Designed for managing all aspects of class creation, scheduling, resources, costs, and analysis of results.

Competency Management: For creating learning plans by job role to be executed at the right time and in the appropriate department. This function may also be used to associate specific policies and procedures with the requirements of various job roles.

Registration Management: Allows users to self-enroll in classes and sign up for online training, including performance tests. This module also contains an e-commerce mode for organizations that sell their training programs to clients.

Mobile Learning: Use our mobile app to manage course assignments and run reports on your results. The entire LMS may be installed on a laptop for use where internet connections are poor or nonexistent. Records generated via a mobile device are then automatically uploaded to the main LMS when connectivity is sufficient.

With years of experience creating customized, intuitive training solutions for a broad array of clients, SyberWorks has honed its employee training and development products to fit almost any need. As a result, companies implementing these programs have been able to administer effective training programs that improve employee performance, control costs, and manage risk.

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