Class Logistics Management

Plan, organize and execute on-site classes and seminars online

SyberWorks Class Logistics Management

SyberWorks Class Logistics helps you plan, organize, and execute traditional offline classes with all the data integrated into your online learning management system. SyberWorks Class Logistics classroom management tool helps you stay in control of instructor-led training events by keeping track of all the steps and materials needed to create and administer them, including schedules, staffing, enrollments, contacts, lodging, and other classroom management materials.

SyberWorks Class Logistics also makes it easy to plan instructor-led training classes. Once you create a class, you can designate key attributes like class dates and times, audiences, class status, the campus organization the class belongs to, maximum and minimum class enrollments, calendar and scheduling features, hotel information, materials, supplies, and more.

The SyberWorks Training Center LMS/DMS and Class Logistics are powerful classroom management tools that help you manage and report on both traditional classroom instruction and online training, all in one application.


SyberWorks Class Logistics Management Features:

  • Addresses – Add important addresses associated with a class, such as location, contact, shipping and billing addresses.
  • Enrollments – Manage class enrollments with status categories such as Confirmed, Waitlisted, Transferred, and Cancelled.
  • Hotels – Store information about where instructors and staff will stay.
  • Instructors – Add detailed contact information for instructors.
  • Materials – Manage class training materials like notes or slideshows.
  • Supplies – Coordinate classroom supplies.
  • Costs – Keep track of class expenses as well as profitability.
  • Notes – Post additional class notes under Billing, Class, Instructor, Shipping, Directions, and Student Remark sections.
  • Sessions – Manage one or more specific class sessions and record attendance for each session.
  • Gradebook  – Record results for various class assignments and have the system calculate an overall class grade based on score and weight for each assignment.
  • Calendars – Create online calendars for students, instructors, and class managers.
  • Reports – Generate reports about instructors, shipments, student sign-ins, class attendance, and training results.