Competency Management

Manage career development and certifications with employee learning plans.

In highly regulated industries and a competitive market, corporate leaders must ensure they are attracting, retaining and developing the talented workers they need to succeed. Employee development is a role all its own that encompasses much more than just training employees. With the SyberWorks Competency Management Module, your business can tap into the power and agility of the Learning Management System to facilitate better professional development and chart a course for the highest level of work quality and safety across the entire organization.

What is competency management?

Several industries, from manufacturing and construction to health care and scientific research, require workers to maintain official certifications in their field, as well as stay up-to-date on the latest developments and advances in their profession. Even in small organizations with a few staff members, managing licensing deadlines, running professional development courses or simply keep track of who needs specific training can be extremely time-consuming.

To prevent skills management from becoming a drain on managerial and executive resources, SyberWorks designed the Competency Management module of their LMS to handle these tasks and more with ease. The bulk of organizing course content and tracking training timelines is accomplished with a skills matrix, which the Competency Management module helps create.

Accelerating employee development

With a robust and intuitive skills matrix, knowledge managers instantly access and view real-time progress on vital information such as:

  • A full list of employees sorted by rank, seniority and certification and training requirements when applicable.
  • Detailed timelines related to when each certificate or skill needs to be renewed or updated.
  • Connections between required skills and courses and the relevant class material stored in the LMS or Document Management System.


When Competency Management is integrated with the SyberWorks LMS suite, skills managers attain many immediate benefits:

  • Administration of required courses and employee training becomes faster, easier and less time-consuming
  • By assigning an employee one or more job roles, the system automatically assigns all the required training associated with that job role. ┬áThe training may be classroom, on-line, or read-and-signs for standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Classes become more productive and effective, since everyone knows exactly what needs to be covered at just the right time.
  • Employees get more knowledge and insight out of routine certification courses and development sessions, increasing overall productivity and reducing risk.
  • Reports and audits for compliance with industry regulations become a snap.
  • Skills and knowledge through training becomes more efficient, reducing the inherent risks of brain drain through attrition or a temporary leave of absence by a critical employee.


Competency Management is about more than doing only the bare minimum – it’s about enabling companies and their employees to keep learning and stay ahead of the curve. For more information about SyberWorks Competency Management, e-mail us at or call us at 888-642-7078.

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