Competency Management

Manage career development and certifications with employee learning plans.

SyberWorks Competency Management

SyberWorks Competency Management helps you manage individuals’ career development and regulatory compliance, when their skills are critical to achieving your organization’s goals. SyberWorks Competency Management lets you tie defined job roles and skills to learning events, to efficiently manage job-certification training through the SyberWorks Learning Management System/Learning Content Management System. For example, a phlebotomist may need to certify in a series of biohazard courses every 6 months. And one of the required courses associated with this certification may be about blood-born pathogens.

Competency Management allows administrators to stay on top of employee training, and to build and monitor learning/development plans and strategies, complete with assigned due dates and competency certifiers. Regulatory compliance also becomes a snap, because it’s easy to generate training reports when the OSHA representative drops by for a visit!

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