Document Management & SOP Automation

Manage your procedures and employee compliance.

Document Management and SOP Automation


Companies required to follow precise standard operating procedures to ensure quality and safety can’t do so efficiently without a robust document management system. SyberWorks Document Management and SOP Automation tools can be fully integrated into the Learning Management System to keep all employees up to speed on process changes as soon as they are made. This not only eliminates wasted time and effort in maintaining documents and briefing staff – it helps everyone work smarter.


DMS features

SyberWorks Document Management System acts as the central hub of all SOP content, connecting to the Learning Management System and training tools to enable fast turnaround time on business-critical process updates.


  • The DMS stores all versions of SOP documents to allow version tracking and maintain a paper trail for auditing. Documents can be stored in any format. A PDF rendition is automatically created from .doc or.docx files.
  • Access controls can be enabled to ensure only certain people can view and edit different categories of documents. The system employs a check-in and check-out edit system to prevent changes by more than one author at a time.
  • The document approval process can be tailored to fit your company policy.
  • The DMS also manages the review process whereby documents are reviewed on a periodic basis to determine if any changes need to be made. Read-and-sign processes are created and distributed
  • A primary document and related secondary documents can be grouped together.
  • SOP documentation can be viewed and edited securely over the internet or via a private intranet.

DMS and LMS implementation

When SOP document management is linked with the Learning Management System, training and certification on new or updated procedures becomes much easier.

Depending on setup, changes to any SOP document can trigger any of the following actions within the LMS:

  • A notification email is sent out to all employees affected by the change.
  • A read-and-sign course requiring an electronic signature is instantly created for speedy verification that changes were received and understood.
  • A brief quiz may follow the read-and-sign process to test comprehension of new SOP changes.

While the SyberWorks Document Management and SOP Automation tools may each be used separately, their combined utility and easy integration with the Learning Management System enables companies to take full control over their process and quality standards. This helps them realize process improvements, assists accurate and timely reporting for audits, and eliminates bottlenecks and wasted time throughout the organization.


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