Document Management & SOP Automation

Manage your procedures and employee compliance.

SyberWorks Document Management and SOP Automation

SyberWorks Document Management and SOP Automation are ideal for companies who must document their Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and ensure that all employees have read and understood these documents.

The Document Management module is fully integrated with the LMS so any change in document version will be communicated to the relevant employees. Using SOP Automation, a Read-and-Sign course is created automatically and notification emails will be sent to employees. Optionally, a quiz may be added to the Read-and-Sign course to test comprehension.

A variety of standard reports will track compliance with accessing the new document versions to provide auditability of results.

The Document Management System offers the following features:

  • Maintains all document versions and drafts
  • Provides configurable document approval process
  • Automatically notifies document approvers of their turn for review and electronic signature
  • Stores documents in any format
  • Enables access over the Internet or intranet with any browser
  • Automatically converts .DOC and .DOCX formats to .PDF for viewing with any browser
  • Permits only one author at a time to make changes to a document (check-out, check-in)
  • Provides complete record of all document activity
  • Offers read-only document repository for employee reference
  • And more!

Either the Document Management Module or the SOP Module may be used by itself, but the true power and ease of use lies in their seamless integration.

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