Mobile Learning

Solutions for learners in areas with low connection speeds

SyberWorks Mobile Learning Module

SyberWorks Mobile Learning Module is a solution that enables offline access to e-learning courses – perfect for situations where bandwidth or slow connection speeds would otherwise impede the delivery of content. SyberWorks Mobile Learning Module offers users the same experience offline as online. Learners download their courseware, disconnect and perform their work offline, then synchronize their results at their earliest convenience.

SyberWorks Mobile Learning helps improve your organization’s training and development program by providing e-learning content to places where web infrastructure is lacking, like if employees or customers are traveling with limited access to the internet or the best device on which to complete work. The Mobile Learning Module allows courses to be completed just about anywhere a user can bring his or her mobile device or laptop computer.

Once users are able to reconnect to the internet, the same benefits of the SyberWorks Learning Management System still apply to their experience: save time and money across the board by streamlining processes and eliminating waste.

For users who have web access but would like to use their smartphones, SyberWorks Mobile provides an interface that uses the phone’s own browser but with the display formatted for the phone’s smaller screen.

No matter your training needs, SyberWorks has you covered with its learning management solutions and full suite of modules for complete functionality. For more information about SyberWorks, or to schedule a demo, email us at or call 888-642-7078.