Registration Management

Sell e-Learning courses or classroom instruction with our convenient shopping cart interface.

The SyberWorks Learning Management System (LMS) isn’t limited to internal use.  In addition to enabling employees to sign up for classes and online courses in the registration-only mode, the Registration Management module (when used in e-commerce mode) allows businesses to market and sell course material to third-party participants, providing a reliable source of income and expanding the authority of their brand.

  • Configure courses to be sold individually, or use Registration Management to design and distribute an entire curriculum to pre-selected groups.
  • Registration Management includes a shopping cart interface where customers can browse course descriptions, select the ones they need and purchase passes, all in one place.
  • An additional calendar interface allows employees and customers to easily find and register for classroom training that fits their schedules.
  • Full integration with the SyberWorks Learning Management System means course materials are automatically updated and configuration stays consistent across all sites.

Features and benefits

If you’ve already invested time and funding into creating a well-rounded, authoritative set of training courses for your employees, chances are good that there are customers, suppliers or students beyond your organization who could benefit from them too.

Registration Management supports multiple catalogs so employees or customers see only the set of courses relevant to them.

The Registration Management tool brings learning management into its own as an avenue toward extra revenue, brand awareness and industry outreach. That makes it a win-win for businesses that want to expand their footprints while supporting high-quality training programs.

Design with success in mind

The Registration Management module allows users to configure courses and training regimens anyway they see fit.

  • Create product lines to categorize courses based on subject or industry.
  • Set up course bundles for varying skill levels, specific roles and certification requirements.

Easy ways to pay

Give your customers the convenience of paying online through a trusted platform while still maintaining full control over how you manage those payments.

  • SyberWorks Registration Management enables merchant accounts for secure payment processing, using standard payment gateways like Authorize.Net, InternetSecure and Verisign.
  • Utilize prepaid training accounts for even greater flexibility. Corporate clients buy a block of training credits through a purchase order process.  The balance is drawn down as their users register for courses.

Getting the word out

Let the world know what you have to offer by creating promotions directly within the Registration Management module. Generate interest in a new class by offering special sales on specific courses or your entire catalogue. It’s also possible to create one-time sale coupons to entice customers to return later after purchasing a course, helping you create and maintain a base of clients.

These tools and functions all come precisely integrated with the SyberWorks Learning Management platform and each of its other modules. With a seamless connection to the SyberWorks Learning Management System database, this solution provides customizable, turnkey e-commerce services for training organizations. The end result is a learning management business more unified in its mission to train employees, customers and students from anywhere.

For more information about SyberWorks Registration Management, email us at or call 888-642-7078.

Our system supports

  • Merchant Accounts, for automatic credit-card processing (by Authorize.Net, Bank of America, InternetSecure, or VeriSign).
  • Product Lines, for tracking the sales and use of defined product groups.
  • Bundles of training products that you want to sell as a unit.
  • Product Promotions (like special sales) and Sub-Promotions (like one-time sale coupons).
  • Pre-paid Training Accounts, from which students can pay for their training.