Schedule Simulator

Build and coordinate schedules for large training roll outs.

SyberWorks Schedule Simulator

The SyberWorks Schedule Simulator helps companies and organizations implement large training rollout programs that must take place over fixed periods of time, such as an SAP rollout or an organization-wide safety training program that needs to be completed in three months.

The simulator is available in three versions, to produce rollout schedules for:

  • Single-course training
  • Multi-course training
  • Entire training academies

Implementing a large training program for 3500 people over a two month period is a difficult endeavor. How do you coordinate everyone’s schedule, taking into account the many parameters of a complex training rollout, such as multiple locations, team teaching, differing levels of competency, and more?

The SyberWorks Schedule Simulator can juggle thousands of constraints. These include, but are not limited to, shift detail, wage vs. salaried employee status, travel time between classes, multiple sessions in the same week, students taking training only on their shift, instructors not taking or teaching classes for more than 8 hours, classroom capacities, and more! The application can be configured to your specific organizational constraints, and each constraint is customizable to your exact requirements.

The simulator outputs suggested schedules, which a training or rollout manager can evaluate, fine-tune, and rerun. Once an optimal schedule is achieved, the SyberWorks Training Center Learning Management System/Learning Content Management System (LMS/DMS) is completely updated, scheduling all classes, instructors, classrooms, teaching materials, etc., and sending training-notification emails to every administrator, instructor, and student who is participating in the rollout.

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