Survey Creator

Create employee surveys quickly and easily online.

Create an online survey with just a few clicks to gather valuable customer feedback, get a pulse on company activity and more with the SyberWorks Survey Creator. By asking the right questions and crunching the numbers, your surveys can enable timely insights and allow your company to quickly pivot in response to consumer needs or employee concerns.

A smarter survey tool

The SyberWorks survey tool gives businesses the power of knowledge, whether it’s to test the waters in an untapped consumer market or solicit anonymous advice from colleagues on what’s working and what needs fixing. The Survey Creator can create questionnaires based on one of several templates while allowing for a high degree of customization. Business leaders can then distribute these online surveys to target specific markets or organizational departments, analyze their results and develop detailed reports and recommendations, all in one intuitive application.

Use the Survey Tool to gather information in a number of ways, including:

  • Multiple choice.
  • Scaled or tiered ranking (Likert scale).
  • Brief response (limited length).
  • Written response (unlimited length).

Once you’ve created a survey suited to your goals, it’s easy to send them out and encourage subjects to participate online. Results are instantly recorded and returned into the Survey Creator database, which provides several analysis tools for finely tuned reporting.

  • Break out results according to any standard or user-defined criteria.
  • Gather detailed result statistics for as many as five different hierarchies, such as company department, division and region.
  • Set controls on exactly which administrators can view certain data sets.
  • Allow for completely anonymous responses as needed.

User feedback for training

The value of timely, accurate surveys is a critical component of marketing, sales and internal communications. But it’s also essential in staff training and employee development. With the Survey Creator implemented into the SyberWorks Learning Management System, it’s possible to accomplish your biggest employee training goals:

  • Design training programs and courses based on survey feedback and suggested improvements.
  • Reduce drop-out rates by catching and correcting course issues just in time.
  • Evaluate instructors for efficacy and trainee satisfaction.
  • Gain insight from partners or distributors in the field to continue development of successful courses.

With the Survey Creator tool, you don’t need to be a statistician or computer programmer to delve into objective analysis of your business and get results fast. Sign up for a free trial of the SyberWorks Training Center to see how the Survey Creator works and experience firsthand the power of a Learning Management System that can do it all.

The advantage of anonymous surveys.

Gathering feedback and data from employees is a valuable way for organizations to gain insight and improve their processes but getting honest feedback can prove to be a challenge without an anonymous survey creator tool. Learn how to ensure honest feedback and why it’s so important.