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Create employee surveys quickly and easily online.

SyberWorks Online Survey Tool

The SyberWorks Online Survey Tool makes creating online surveys a snap. Online surveys can help to collect useful user feedback about both courses and campus operations. You can use the SyberWorks Survey Software to create an employee survey, a customer satisfaction survey, or any other type of online survey your company may need!

SyberWorks Web Survey Software has a complete array of features and functionality to help you create and send out online surveys in a matter of minutes, using a variety of flexible question types:

  • Short-answer
  • Long-answer
  • Single-select
  • Multiple-select
  • Lickert Scale

Ongoing survey results can be broken out at any time, by any number of standard or user-defined criteria, including by course, class, and instructor. Survey data also can be analyzed along up to five levels of your organizational hierarchy, such as, by departments, divisions, and regions. While this data can be sliced and summarized in many ways, the detailed responses from individual survey respondents are also easily available. And for added security, managers are allowed to see only data that falls within their administrative domains.

Its quick and easy to stay on top of learner’s needs! Online survey information can help you design your training programs, reduce student drop-out rates, evaluate instructors, and even query your partners and distributors about trends they are seeing in the marketplace. And no programming knowledge is needed to extract this data from the SyberWorks LMS/DMS database. It’s dynamically collected, and available instantly through a simple user interface.

See the Survey tool in action in this animated demonstration. Flash player required.

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The SyberWorks Training Center Learning Management System/Learning Content Management System and its Web Survey Software interface with Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (version 5.0 or higher) and use Microsoft SQL Server for their relational database.

The advantage of anonymous surveys.

Gathering feedback and data from employees is a valuable way for organizations to gain insight and improve their processes but getting honest feedback can prove to be a challenge without an anonymous survey creator tool. Learn how to ensure honest feedback and why it’s so important.