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Cost effective learning management technology powered by the SyberWorks Training Center

SyberWorks Training Center (STC) is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS)/Document Management System (DMS) that provides complete solutions for managing and tracking all types of training at your organization — from e-learning courses to traditional classroom training to self-paced study programs. The STC includes extensive testing and assessment tools, reporting, management, communication and collaboration tools and quality control capabilities — all in one integrated database application that is highly scalable to meet your organization’s needs.


The SyberWorks Training Center offers:


  • Management of all types of online and instructor-led training.
  • Integrated document management and standard operating procedure automation.
  • Automatic creation of read-and-sign courses from SOPs and related documents such as forms, templates and work instructions.
  • Automatic distribution of read-and-sign courses when new versions of SOPs are created.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
  • Competency Management.
  • Virtual classroom for blended learning.
  • Extensive standard reporting and creation tool for custom reports.
  • Cost-effective course development and enhancement.
  • Compliance video player, which marks the lesson complete only when the video runs to the end.
  • Online survey creation.
  • Two-way communication and collaboration tools including:
    • System messaging.
    • Web conferencing and collaboration.
    • Broadcast emails to groups.
    • Automated email Reminder System.
    • Discussion groups.
  • Web-based and email delivered surveys.  Includes performance observation forms and 360 feedback.
  • Self-registration and e-commerce capabilities.
  • Mobile learning.
  • Class logistics.
  • Schedule Creator.



Management is the central element of a Learning Management Solution. The SyberWorks LMS/DMS includes administrative features and nearly 100 standard reports that allow you to keep track of students individually, monitor entire classes and utilize multiple private campuses quickly and easily.


The SyberWorks Training Center offers multiple levels of authority, along with controlled access to your courses with user ID, password and date range to ensure security.


In the STC, you can do the following:


  • Manage and track e-learning courses, classroom training, self-paced study programs, and other learning events.
  • Enter and edit students and classes.
  • Install and control access to courses.
  • Utilize extensive reporting to ensure that users are achieving maximum benefit from their e-learning and other learning experiences.
  • Use pretests and posttests to measure learning gains.
  • Track amount of time spent in courses.


The SyberWorks LMS/DMS has a data loader utility that loads spreadsheets of data and has a built-in HR Data Interface data-input format for system-to-system batch updates. Corporate reporting allows larger organizations to easily keep track of their training along departmental lines.



SyberWorks Document Management System (DMS) acts as the central hub of all SOP content, connecting to the Learning Management System and training tools to enable fast turnaround time on business-critical process updates.


  • The DMS stores all versions of SOP documents to allow version tracking and maintain a paper trail for auditing. Documents can be stored in any format. A PDF version is automatically created from .doc or .docx files.
  • Access controls can be enabled to ensure only certain people can view and edit different categories of documents. The DMS employs a check-in and checkout edit system to prevent changes by more than one author at a time.
  • The document approval process can be tailored to fit your company policy.
  • The DMS also manages the review process whereby documents are reviewed on a periodic basis to determine if any changes need to be made.
  • A primary document and related secondary documents can be grouped together.
  • SOP documents can be viewed and edited securely over the internet or via a private intranet.


When SOP Document Management is linked with the Learning Management System, training and certification on new or updated procedures becomes much easier and highly automated.


Depending on setup, changes to any SOP document can trigger any of the following actions within the LMS:


  • A notification email is sent out to all employees affected by the change.
  • A read-and-sign course requiring an electronic signature is instantly created for speedy verification that changes were received and understood.
  • A brief quiz can follow the read-and-sign process to test comprehension of new SOP changes.


While the SyberWorks Document Management and SOP Automation tools may each be used separately, their combined utility and easy integration with the Learning Management System enables companies to take full control over their process and quality standards, realize process improvements, maintain accurate and timely reporting for audits and eliminate bottlenecks and wasted time throughout the organization.



SyberWorks has the necessary features for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, such as electronic signatures, session time-out, time-date stamps, password security, audit-trail reporting and more.  We can even provide you with IQ/OQ/PQ templates that have been completed for your installation.



Use the STC’s competency management feature for compliance management and individual career development.


Competency management is a way of categorizing specific skill sets of individuals within a company or organization and mapping them to job roles by using a training matrix.  This matrix can include specific SOPs and more traditional EHS, business training or onboarding courses.


Competency management is an essential component of compliance management, because some skills can expire, such as an OSHA certification that must be renewed every 12 months. Competency management has a robust feature set including an auto archive utility that automatically saves past training results and eliminates the need for an administrator to manually perform this archiving task for every student. An auto expire utility checks user’s learning plan elements to see if any of them need to be marked as expired. Competency management allows individuals and their supervisors to stay on top of these learning events — an essential element of compliance.


Individuals and their supervisors can use competency management to develop education plans and career development strategies. Individuals can ask, “What skills do I need to master in order to advance to that job?” Competency management allows those individuals to see exactly what they need to do to get there and track their progress along the way.



When an instructor or administrator creates a class in the SyberWorks Training Center, the class is supported with a class page. The class page is ideal for providing asynchronous instructor-led online classes or to use for a blend of online and offline training. From the class page a student can do the following:


  • Take any web-based training course authorized to the class.
  • Take any test or quiz authorized to the class.
  • Participate in any discussion groups authorized to the student in the class.
  • Upload and download files and documents to the class page, to be accessed by other students or only the instructors and administrators.
  • See when other students enrolled in the class are in the class chat room.


The class page may consist of announcements, lessons, bios, manuals, notes, assignments, etc. In fact, any kind of document or file can be published to the class page by defining a posting category administratively and then uploading a file to the designated class page. Students can view/download files by clicking on a document link, as well as upload a document to a posting category on the class page (based on student access rights).


Students should be able to get help when they need it and share ideas that they have for training to be effective. The SyberWorks Training Center allows you to foster communication by using a help desk, threaded discussion groups, messaging (including broadcast), chat and web conferencing. The models of blended learning and assisted, self-paced online learning are fully supported.





The SyberWorks Training Center LMS/DMS has built-in system messaging. This is perfect for situations where learners may not, for example, have their own email addresses and may be using a computer at a workstation on the plant manufacturing floor. The user would see any important system messages immediately when they log-in. They can then reply and send messages to instructors or other users even though they may not have email addresses.



Market your training with one-to-one communication! Broadcast emails are an effective way to communicate with specified users or user groups in your organization. Market your training programs, inform users of updated information or procedures or make a general announcement. You can create personalized emails with substitution fields to send exactly the message you need to get out.


The STC allows you to send bulk emails to groups based on queries that you define. For instance, you can send emails to everyone in a class, to everyone in a campus, to those who’ve started a course but not yet passed it, to those who’ve passed a course, or to a monitor group — which is created by either running a database query to select group members (e.g., all salespeople in North America) or by assigning members individually to the group.



The automated reminder system allows you to easily maintain contact with employees and market your training programs. It’s a streamlined, efficient system — set up your reminder profiles, then have the system send out messages for you.


Say someone has been authorized to take a course and that authorization is ending in five days. In this instance, you can have the system automatically notify the person that they need to finish the course. You can also send an email to someone 60 days after they’ve finished a course to suggest they take another one.


You can build a tickler profile based on the start and end dates of training events, when a user has passed a course or when a recertification due date is approaching. The STC allows you to create many kinds of ticklers:


  • Notices about instructor-led and self-paced online courses.
  • Reminders to individuals that they are registered for a classroom course and that they need to be somewhere on a certain date.
  • Emails to individuals and their supervisors that a recertification period is approaching.
  • Reminders about skill and event recertification.
  • Notices to anyone who has passed a specific course.
  • Reminders about course start and end dates.
  • Reminders about course due dates.
  • Summary past-due reminders that will continue until there are no past-due requirements.




SyberWorks has chosen to partner with iSpring Solutions to offer its award-winning course development suite. One copy is provided for free for both LMS hosted and LMS licensed customers.


As a platform integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint, developing e-learning content with iSpring has never been so fast and easy.  With iSpring Suite, you can turn your PowerPoint presentations into supercharged e-courses in a snap:

  • PowerPoint conversion: Convert your presentations into online mobile-ready courses.
  • Complete SyberWorks LMS support: Publish courses in AICC or SCORM formats to upload to your SyberWorks LMS.
  • Screen recordings: Record and fine-tune training videos with the integrated screen recorder.
  • Manage audio narrations and video lectures: Easily create voice and video narrations, then synchronize them with your slides
  • Dialog simulations: Build realistic dialog simulations to train communication skills.
  • E-learning interactions: Present your e-learning materials in the form of engaging interactions.
  • Interactive assessments: Develop comprehensive tests with branching and flexible scoring.



Online question creation allows you to quickly and easily compose questions over the internet with no online course-authoring tool required. Question types include true/false, fill in the blank, item matching, single correct and multiple correct, with the information stored in the SyberWorks Training Center Learning Management System database. You can also upload questions from an ASCII text file.



Feedback and user surveys are a critical component of any training management system. Stay on top of your users’ needs. Ask them what courses they would like to see added to the system. Find out their thoughts on specific training programs.


Surveys can be broadcast to individuals or embedded directly within an online course or lesson. Let the STC become a dynamic tool for organizational development.


Use our standard evaluation form or create your own custom survey by choosing from a large pool of question types: single choice, multiple choice, fill in the blank (word or short phrase), long answer, true/false and Likert scale (e.g. “On a scale of 1 to 5…”).


Survey results can be easily reported in both summarized and detailed formats. Sort results by date range, job roles, departments and so on.


The survey tool can also be used to record a series of observation reports on a new hire or to gather 360 feedback on individuals as part of the employee review process.



Self-registration and e-commerce capabilities give the STC the flexibility your users need, as well as the functionality for your training programs to produce their own revenue stream.


Users can view and search a course catalog and register online. For example, find a classroom training on database management offered in Boston between a specific dates. Then simply add the course to the shopping cart. If the users are employees, they are simply registered without payment.  If you are selling the training to your customers, then they can pay directly for the course with a credit card or deduct the cost from a training account.



SyberWorks Training Center now offers mobile learning, meaning your online courses can be installed locally. Because a user doesn’t have to be connected to the internet to run the course, they could be on a plane or at a location with slow or no internet connection. This makes delivery of your training programs completely flexible and, ultimately, more valuable to your entire organization. When the user is finished with a lesson, the results can be uploaded back to the LMS once the user reconnects to the network.



The SyberWorks Class Logistics Module is designed for the planning, organization and execution of an instructor-led class. This includes activities such as scheduling, staffing, enrollments, contacts, lodging and sourcing materials.


The SyberWorks Class Logistics Module makes planning an on-site training event easy. Once you create a class, you are able to designate dates and times, audiences, class status, the organization the class belongs to, maximum and minimum class enrollments, calendar and scheduling features, hotel information, materials, supplies and more. It’s a powerful tool that helps you manage your traditional on-site training events and online training in one complete application.



The SyberWorks Schedule Creator is designed to take the headache out of scheduling large training program rollouts. The SyberWorks Schedule Creator Module helps large organizations schedule and manage training for large program rollouts in the finite time periods that are typically necessary when implementing enterprise-wide training programs, such as financial applications or organization-wide safety training programs.


The SyberWorks Schedule Creator Module is based on an algorithm that maps over dozens of constraints:


  • Course prerequisites.
  • Instructor availability.
  • Instructors cannot take or teach classes for more than eight hours a day.
  • Classroom availability and capacities.
  • Wage vs. salaried employee status.
  • Multiple training locations.
  • Travel time necessary between classes.
  • Multi-sessions required within the same week.
  • Student trainings during their shifts only.
  • More…


The application can be configured to your set of organizational constraints. Each constraint is customizable to your exact requirements.


The Schedule Creator may also be used for creating academy schedules with multiple concurrent tracks.  Making changes in the schedule, such as moving every session back a day because of bad weather or unavailability of instructors, is a snap.

Online Training - A Case Study

Online Training – A Case Study

Learn how a multibillion-dollar service company’s operations division used the SyberWorks Training Center to solve a significant challenge with properly training its franchisees. With it’s modest price point, the program has paid for itself several times over. The company is now finding ways to integrate this technology into other functions within it’s organization. Learn more about SyberWork’s world-class solutions and expertise.

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