How can your workplace enhance productivity?

3 Productivity Hacks Your Team Needs To Know

Getting bogged down in daily workplace stress can be disastrous for efficiency, productivity and happiness in a role. Stress can be unavoidable for some, especially during busier times of the day or when a project is sailing toward its finish. 

"Control your email, don't let it control you."

Even on the busiest days, it's important to remain productive, but how? Keep the following three tips in mind for maximum productivity:

Don't become overwhelmed

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Work can be difficult at times, especially when expectations continue to pile up. When this occurs, take some time for yourself. Stepping out of the office for five minutes to clear your thoughts, creating a to-do list or even meditating can make all the difference. Taking a quick break can actually enhance productivity, giving the brain a few minutes to recoup before a new task starts. A recent Stanford study found that workers can only stay focused for about 90 minutes at a time anyway. 

Take time to simplify the day

Simplify your day. By breaking down monthly and annual goals into everyday activities, more can be accomplished in a timely manner. Keeping both future and present goals in mind can also drive stability in your environment, as managing goals can become part of a daily process. 

Control your distractions

Control your email, don't let it control you. Digital distractions, such as emails, social media and cell phones, can take away greatly from the tasks at hand. By focusing on each project for a specified amount of time or only checking email a few times a day, more can be accomplished. 

Finally, don't take it all so seriously. Mistakes will be made, but that just means improvements can be made as well. Ask for help when necessary, but also take the time to simply get to know your coworkers. It can make all the difference in a work week.