More effective management will lead to happier and more productive employees.

How to Be an Effective Leader in 2017

The key to any company's success is a team of great managers.

But the definition of good management is constantly evolving and different business owners will have a unique perspective on how to best lead their staffs. As businesses settle into 2017, it's going to be important for managers in every industry to evaluate their leadership styles and work to adopt practices that will benefit as many of their employees as possible.

Here are some management trends business leaders should consider implementing into their own leadership style for the new year:

Give frequent feedback
Employees are increasingly looking for managers to provide commentary on their performance. Feedback helps workers understand how their boss feels about their performance, and it gives them an opportunity to correct any mistakes or continue to improve on things they are doing well. Consistently communication has also been shown to create a better relationship between managers and their employees, and it also makes workers feel more valued in the office, according to a TINYpulse report.

More feedback also helps in several other areas such as improving the work environment, fostering transparency between management and staff, and demonstrating to employees that managers are genuinely interested in their concerns. As business leaders look for a fresh start in 2017, they should strongly consider strengthening the lines of communication between them and their workers.

Focus on employee well-being
To truly gain a competitive edge in the new year, managers need to invest in the employees. This can mean several things such as more feedback, creating a flexible work environment or implementing workplace programs that help employees de-stress and relax. 

To create a flexible office atmosphere, managers should be open to each employee's situation. Whether it's letting an employee bring one of their kids to work every once in a while, leaving early for a doctor appointment or working from home, cultivating an environment where employees can establish work-life balance without feeling guilty will help increase productivity and improve employee loyalty to the company, according to Business Insider Australia.

Managers should also consider whether wellness programs would benefit the office. Wellness programs can be a variety of activities from office yoga to smoking cessation resources. These programs can result in happier employees, increased productivity and reduced stress, all of which makes for a more enjoyable office atmosphere.

Personalize each employee's experience
Employees thrive, learn and grow in different ways, and it's important for managers to realize this fact. Going into 2017 and beyond, it's going to be critical for leadership to give employees opportunities an opportunity to grow and improve their skills in a way that suits their individual needs. For some, this might mean having more face-to-face interactions with their boss and for others it might mean providing them with the technology to learn at their own pace. Managers should sit down with their staff individually to find out how they can best lead them for the upcoming year.