Online Training Case Study

The Problem:

The operations division in a large multibillion-dollar service company had significant challenges training its franchisees. They struggled with an 8 to 12 month backlog in providing training for their new franchisees coming on board. Anecdotally, when they did get around to training new people, the requirements and curriculum were outdated and in the process of being revised. Their franchisees and employees were never current on updated company policies and procedures. These franchises were spread all over the country, so it was costly to train their franchisees using traditional onsite training methods.

The Challenge:

Up until this point, the operations division and the entire company never had online training as an expense in any of their department budgets. They had no history or experience that they could use to help them make their decision. The endeavor would become even more risky because of the actual outlay of capital required for a learning management system (LMS). As a result, the price point and total cost of ownership of the application became very important as the company considered taking its initial plunge into online training.

The Requirements:

In addition, the management was very concerned about how the system would be implemented and maintained within the company’s IT framework. The operations division also had specific requirements like being able to plug in training requirements by position. The LMS itself needed to be robust, flexible, and easily configurable with different functionality modules, which would be able to integrate seamlessly into the company’s overall IT framework.

The Solution:

The company purchased and installed the SyberWorks Training Center with a 250-seat license along with SyberWorks Web Author Tool for simple content creation and conversion and the SyberWorks Training Center Skill Management module. They were able to roll out their online training program in one month.

The Results:

The company’s first foray into online training was so successful that they upgraded to a 1000 user license after the first year. After a few quick conference calls, they were able to easily configure the skills management module. The operations department is now current on all franchisee and employee training. They are now able to update content quickly so their franchisees can stay current on company policies and procedures. They are now able to ramp up new franchisees and employees more quickly at a substantial savings.

The Return on Investment (ROI):

Given the product’s modest price point, the program has paid for itself several times over. The company is now finding ways to integrate this technology into other functions like marketing and franchise launch setup.